Made by community for community. The Volunteer Lab is a peer-to-peer digital learning space. Through high-quality video-based courses designed and led by passionate instructors, the Volunteer Lab aims to inspire and drive change to build resiliency in volunteerism.


The Power of Decent Work and Anti-Racist Volunteering taught by Yamikani Msosa

Yamikani is a consultant and facilitator, focused on issues of equity, inclusion, anti-oppression, anti-racism, conflict resolution, and organizational development. They are the founder of UBUNTU Consulting and have worked with several non-profit organizations, including Amnesty International, Greenpeace Canada, and LGBT Youthline. During the filming of this course, Yamikani was the Network Engagement Manager at the Ontario Nonprofit Network. They are now the Executive Director at Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women.

Black and White Headshot of Tanya Rumble

Sustainable and Inclusive Fundraising taught by Tanya Rumble

Tanya is a fundraising leader located in Toronto who has raised millions for some of Canada's largest charities. As a racialized philanthropy professional Tanya is honoured to share her insights with students, emerging professionals and peers to influence how we approach fundraising for non-profits.


Developing Volunteer-led Committees taught by Alisha Coroa

Alisha has a lot of insights to share after an extensive volunteer management career supporting large-impact organizations in Toronto, including the United Way of Greater Toronto and Fred Victor. Her course is all about solution focused feedback to support and empower volunteer-led committees.


Creating Relationships That Matter: The Volunteer Lens taught by Amanda Maragos

Amanda brings the unique perspective of engaging volunteers in a palliative care environment grounded by her work at Philip Aziz Centre for Hospice Care. Her course brings practical and emotional considerations around re-engaging in-person programming with a focus on wellness for volunteers.


Developing a Pilot Project taught by Amanda Wu & Dawson Li

Amanda and Dawson are the former Co-Executive Directors of Pledges for Change, a youth-led group passionate about transforming the way young people engage in social impact activities. They dig into pilot projects and how to test ideas with a special emphasis on involving youth voices.


Cultivating Impactful Partnerships taught by Jeff Abraham

Jeff is the Manager of Volunteer Resources at Yonge Street Mission. His course leans into navigating mutually beneficial partnerships with other groups and organizations—including when to say no.


Re-examining Volunteer Management to Overcome Barriers taught by Sammy Feilchenfeld, CVA

Sammy is Volunteer Toronto’s well-known Training Manager, having engaged over 3,000 leaders in learning opportunities over the past six years. He’s bringing his deep sector knowledge to re-examine volunteer management to overcome barriers.


A Framework for Anti-Oppression taught by Sheliza Jamal

Sheliza is an experienced equity and inclusion coach. She takes learners through the principles of anti-oppression, including personal self-reflection and the impact of intersectionality so that we can gain tools to better understand inclusive leadership through allyship and advocacy.


Communicating Change and Transition taught by Susanne Lyle

Susanne is an experienced volunteer, board member and change management specialist, grounded in her work in coaching and consulting. Her course addresses both personal and organizational scenarios using self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication to move towards a more empowered approach to managing change and uncertainty.